We help you lose weight without losing yourself

Step away from diet mentality towards food freedom! MEAL - Mindful Eating And Living is a personal nutrition coach in your pocket.

We help women all over the world to fix their relationship with food after years of dieting. You'll gain control over your eating, reduce binge and emotional eating, and feel better and much more confident.

What is Mindful Eating

Did you know that at this very moment over 2 billion women all over the world are trying to lose weigh? We are unhappy with our bodies, follow popular diets, restrict ourselves from “unhealthy” foods, try to avoid GMO products, and then comfy our emotions with snacks and delights.

In this way we miss the moment when little oddities lead to huge problems with health, self esteem, depression or eating disorders.

mindful eating involves:

  • 1

    being fully present while you eat

  • 2

    listening to physical hunger cues

  • 3

    distinguishing between true hunger and non-hunger triggers for eating

  • 4

    engaging your senses by noticing colors, smells, sounds, textures, and flavors

  • 5

    learning to cope with guilt and anxiety about food

  • 6

    eating to maintain overall health and well-being

  • 7

    noticing the effects food has on your feelings and figure

  • 8

    appreciating your food

Mindful eating helps you distinguish between emotional and physical hunger. It also increases your awareness of food-related triggers and gives you the freedom to choose your response to them.

MEAL - Mindful Eating
And Living

Enjoy your MEAL
  • Fix your relationship with food

  • Gain control over your eating habits

  • Break the restrict-binge cycle

  • Stop blaming yourself for eating

  • Love yourself

  • Lose weight for life

  • Enjoy your MEAL

Our Principles

Unfortunately, after years of dieting, women are not connected to their body signals and emotions. Our goal is to break down restrict-binge cycles and reconnect women with their bodies’ natural signals.

Our main principles:

  • Love to women and their bodies
  • No judgement
  • Addressing the root causes of overeating
  • Rejecting diet mentality
  • Challenging the “food police”
  • Addressing the root reasons of overeating
  • Mental and physical health are the main priority

MEAL is being created with a lot of love, respect and
care for women, their health, and self-esteem

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If you have any questions, please, drop us a line to support@fitspire.app